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   1.  Tears of love

   2.  Which way

   3.  Danger lies deep

   4.  Look at the sky tonight

   5.  Walking in the dark

   6.  Wheels of time

   7.  Follow the rivers flow

   8.  We let the rose die

   9.  I’m but a shadow

Love, don't go.

1. There used to be a time

2. Never left my side

3. The meaning of love

4. Lights are getting low

5. Back to where my home is

6. No way back

7. Tumbling in the wind

8. Take this day

9. Darkness of the light

10. Love, please don’t go


1. Let us fly 

2. Can you feel your heart beat

3. Nowhere to live 

4. Nothing more than this 

5. One heart now sleeping 

6. Cold stone wall blues 

7. Wake me up 

8. Oh here we go 

9. Wishin’ away the day 

10. Someday 

Bonus track: “No way to say goodbye"

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